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This EP was written at a low point in my life - there were sudden & drastic shifts taking place; with my own identity and with the relationships that I thought would last. It brought focus to the things that really mattered and the people that stuck around. The title track, ‘Distraction’, and the album overall essentially served as the space in which I worked through things during that time. And so, as a whole, the EP is contemplative. It oscillates between being seemingly light at times, and then becomes harder on the senses. It dives deeper into a new sense of awareness and fluctuating moods which developed during that winter of 2017. These songs are about love, fear, anger, sadness and resolve; they describe and tell a story of five very different emotions I circled through during this seemingly unstable period of time. 

This is the first time I am foraying into translating my music into the visual space. After dipping my feet in the water, I loved it so much that we ended up making 3 music videos. The video for the single ‘SHKN’ will give you a glimpse into Singapore, the country I was born in, with people I grew up with. The visuals not only add to the intensity of the song, but also carry delicate nuances of emotion, with recurring themes in the album hinting at feelings of nostalgia...  more


released September 7, 2018 

Songs by: Claire Gohst 
Produced by: Claire Gohst & Colin Lester Fleming 
Recording & Mix Engineer: Colin Lester Fleming 
Assistant Engineer: James Bridges, Caitlyn Bongiovi 
Mastered by Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering, Boston, MA 
Assistant Mastering Engineer: Maria Rice 

Vocals, Guitars, Moog, Piano, Violin: Claire Gohst 
Bass: Filipe Antunes 
Drums: Eric Derwallis 
Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Omnichord, and Additional Synth Programming: Abram Lembono 
Cello: Raquel Kober 

Album Artwork : Elise Rancher 

Special thanks to 
Maya Harary, 
Shaun Taylor, 
Chad Blinman, 
Mike Deneen, 
Q Division Studios, 
Herd Studios, 
& all the love and support from friends, fans and family