New Summer Releases from Queer and Trans Musicians

I was in Detroit a couple weeks ago for the Allied Media Conference, and goddamn is it summer! It was 95 degrees for most of the weekend and I was consistently sweating my makeup off.

Facing adversity, Claire Gohst rises (and triumphs) in Paper Citizen

When Claire Gohst was just 17 years old, her family kicked her out of her home in Singapore for being gay. Several years later, the singer and violinist returns to her home country this July to perform at Pink Dot, a major LGBTQ event and concert held annually at Hong Lim Park.

How Are These Newcomers Navigating A Post-Time's Up Music Industry? - SWAAY

Whatever the industry, women face specific challenges when it comes to rising up in the ranks. That is certainly true in the music industry where women face much greater criticism than their male counterparts in terms of both their music and - ridiculously - their appearance as well.